Hello from Cent…

Hello from Central Ohio,

I have put a temporary hold on my postings for DOWN THE RURAL ROAD. I am working on a new project, a book actually, that has engulfed me in it’s creation. It is a fictional story but will include many facts. In Fayette County, Ohio there is a children’s home. Let me clarify. There WAS a children’s home. This home was established in 1895 in the rural farming community where I spent most of my life and raised my family. In a nearby Madison County, where I  was born and raised, I passed by this children’s home many many times on the way to town with my parents. It sat back a long, dusty lane where there were three huge brick buildings. These buildings housed the main dining room, and the boy’s and girl’s dormitories There were beautiful old oak trees on either side of the quarter of a mile lane, surrounded by acreas of farm land. Here, children who had no family to take care of them lived their daily lives in a safe harbour outside of town. During my research I have located a lady who was an actual resident of this home in 1941. She is working with me, not only giving me details and stories to enhance my book, but a true insight into what  life was like at the Home. Pictures, of then and now, are included and the story is based on the lives of three children whose parents lives’ were taken by a terrible accident. They are shunned by relatives and taken to the home in early 1940. Mary 14, John 10, and Tobey 4, arrive, adjust, and tell their story about the feelings that run rampant and the ups and downs of a life that only few could imagine. A good story, NOT a negative one, and one that will tempt your imagination, stir your your heart, and challenge your awareness of natural blessings.

It may take some time, but trust me, I am giving it my all. So much that some evenings when I have finished for the day, I feel like the children are calling my name and begging me to write more, or come visit them, when I know fully well that a ride back tha old dusty lane will only bring me to a place absent of their being and an old  worn down building that  will only echo sounds of silence.



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