Born and raised a “country girl,” much of my enjoyment is derived from memories of days- gone -by, when things seemed somewhat less complex and my complete fulfillment came from the “simple” things in life. As an adult and owning a restaurant for 30 plus years, I was then positioned in the rat-race, fast lane of life. Now that I am retired,  I am enjoying the slower lane of traffic where I can proceed as fast as I care to or stop the car and get out any darn place I desire. I have a wonderful daughter and son, along with six grandchildren who keep me inspired and daily supply me with reasons to love, learn, and write!  Cooking and gardening are my passions which will be evident in my writings. To hear someone say,” I enjoyed reading your material,” is an ultimate high, as anyone who shares their thoughts and experiences via written word will attest to. I am presently living a single life, waiting for that magical moment when the right man will come along . He will truly be a country man whose heart is as big as the state of Texas and he”ll  just about have to love gardening and the country way of life,( surprise?) with a little bit of PAZAAZZZ thrown in!!! Thank you for stopping by and taking a little trip…. …Down The Rural Road.


2 Responses to About

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi DeAnn’s mom!
    I didn’t see your name printed but I surely am enjoying your blogs. I love reading something I especially like, like your blog, and getting an extra present to go along with it –a yummy recipe! DeAnn is one of my friend’s on Facebook and I know her because she was my grandson’s preschool teacher when he was 2 and 3 years old. He called her Miss WooAnn and still does, although he is now 6 years old !
    Thanks again for the great blog. I will be a faithful reader from now on !!!
    Suzanne in Pendleton

  2. Ernest Wilson says:

    I have been reading your wonderful words and Your life as it was inthe past. Your stories bring back memories of old even for an older person like myself. The gum etc.. However the singing wasnot my thing although I enjoyed listentin to many artist as well as locals taht have talent of their own. site is one that I have placed in my favorties now that I have found it.
    You are awonderful writer andI enjoy you a lot.
    Thank you for bringing back some fond memories of old.
    Looking forward to your next article.

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