Mr. King

When I was in the first grade my family lived in a small house in a little central Ohio town. Next door to us lived an elderly gentleman by the name of Mr. King. I don’t suppose I ever heard his first name because not only did my sisters and I address him as “Mr. King“, but my parents did as well. Mr. King looked like he had just stepped off of Walton’s Mountain and that John Boy might not be far behind.  I remember that even in the summer months he nearly always wore  a suit jacket and dress pants and he loved to sit in his glider beneath the shade of a big old tree in his back yard. According to my mother, that was where I could be found most of the time as well. Although most of my memories of him are very scant as well as vague, I do remember my parents having a lot of love and admiration for him. We moved to the country when I started the second grade and  they still kept in contact with him often.  There is one thing that I have not forgotten about Mr. King. It was some advice he had given me about eating green vegetables. He said if I ate all of my green vegetables they would make hair grow on my chest. Now I am sure this was supposed to be an attempt to show me that they were good for me and full of nutritional benefits, but  as a 6 year old girl, believe me I had no aspirations for this to happen.. When I first heard him say it,  it bothered me for days. So finally one afternoon I asked my dad to clear it up for me. I can remember being embarrassed to ask Dad, and it took me quite awhile to come up with the courage, however I liked peas and green beans and had to know for sure if this proclamation were true . If it was,  I was willing to give them up to avoid the outcome. Dad assured me it wouldn’t happen and that it was just Mr. King’s “way” of saying they were good for me. I was relieved.
It makes me think of all of the associations we have about foods. For example, carrots are good for our eyes. The joke books say it is true for have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses? Well, actually carrots contain beta-carotene, a substance that converts to Vitamin A,  an important nutrient for eye health.
Then there is Vitamin C. A good friend of mine drinks a 4 oz. Glass of orange juice every day and says he never has a cold. Two years ago, before selling my restaurant, I began having my morning waitress pour me a glass of orange juice every day. If I would forget, she would remember. I have continued that regime and for two years now I have not had a cold.  Myth? I can only tell you my facts. I haven’t had any colds. Haven’t bought any Halls cough drops, no Vicks Salve, no Robitussin cough syrup, no doctor visits, due to — NO COLDS!!!!!
My friend Mitzi will tell you drinking at least one glass of milk a day makes your hair shiny, and my neighbor swears that taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil the night before your baby is due will make the baby come on time. He also says it makes the joints ignore arthritis.
Just today an online Facebook friend from California  shared that taking a teaspoon of olive oil aides the digestive system.
 I’m ok with all of these remedies and am more than willing to take anything that seems natural and without chemicals. As always, you should always ask your doctor as well as do a little research of your own.
 And yes, I still eat and love my green vegetables and am glad to report as of this date, I have had no unusual side effects.
“ Good night, Momma.” 
 “ Good night, Mary Ellen.”
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2 Responses to Mr. King

  1. Ernest Wilson says:

    Another enjoyable article. I have not yet read one that I have-not enjoyed. Immensely.
    Jeanie your reading are great.
    But I miss the recipes.
    Thank you
    Ernie Wilson

  2. ernestwilson says:

    Thank you for another great article.
    GREAT JOB Jeanie.
    Uh one question
    Where’s the beef. Oh no I mean recipe.
    Thank you
    JIMMY. aka Ernie

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