Slumber Party Friday Nights

Sleeping over at a friend’s house with several other girlfriends, staying up until all hours of the night while playing rock ‘n’ roll music and sharing secrets with promises to never tell, used to be called “having a slumber party.”Do you remember teenaged girls in colorful P.J.’s with hair a mess, acting a little more giddy than normal? Actually, as a teenager I only went to one slumber party and it was at the home of my cousin Karen.  I have only one picture in my album of that occasion and I won’t be sharing it with you.
My daughter DeAnn and her friends seemed to do this “slumber party” thing almost every Friday night when she was growing up, often in our home.  Once though, she was invited to the home of a girl in her class who had not hosted before.  And it was not just for one night. The parents, brave souls that they were, had offered up the entire week-end.
On Sunday afternoon before my daughter arrived back home,  the mother of the girl who had the party called me on the telephone. “ Your daughter was delightful, ”she said. “But I am calling to let you know about something that happened.” Now I must tell you I had complete confidence in my children and their abilities to get along well with others. They were not perfect nor did I entertain the idea that they were. But this call was a bit puzzling and I was ready for details.
“Where did a thirteen-year-old learn to cook like that?” She asked.” The girls stayed  up almost all night and were sleeping in late. When I went into the kitchen to make coffee, DeAnn was there looking through the cupboards and asking where we kept the flour and if we had any sausage.”
I was grinning on the other end of the phone. “ Did she make a mess?”
The rest of the conversation went something like this:
“No, we took care of that. She not only made homemade biscuits but since we didn’t have any sausage she fried bacon and made bacon gravy for the biscuits.  Joe and I marveled at her abilities and couldn’t resist helping ourselves to the leftovers.  They were absolutely delicious.  She’s not even thirteen yet and I am here to tell you I have never made a biscuit in my life and I am in my thirties.” I chatted with her a bit as I graciously accepted the praises of my daughter with an ever-so-slight puffing in my chest and a proud smile on my face.
DeAnn always wanted to be about three inches away from me at all times during her childhood, so many of these moments, since I was in the restaurant business, was around food and it’s preparation. She used to stand on a chair and watch me measure, stir, sautee’, and bake, asking questions about my every move. I always answered. She always seemed to soak it in.
Now my daughter has four beautiful children of her own, two of them young daughters, and I would like to share a project with you that we began about two years ago.
I bought each of the girls a recipe box. Each time that I visit them at their home near Lousiville, Kentucky, I take along two copies of a recipe that I have successfully used or one that I have pulled out of my files that was handed down by family. On one of the evenings that I am there the girls and I make supper( rememeber when the evening meal was called supper?) for the family, including the recipe, while sharing in everything it takes to get that meal on the table. Then the girls add the recipe to their files. When they grow up and have families of their own not only will they have a box full of directions to make wonderful, delicious foods ,but memories of our time together as well. When I call and say that I am coming down they ask,” What food are we making this time,Mamaw?”
If you are a grandmother, I do not have to explain how this makes you feel.
Below is the first recipe I shared with them for their files. I figured we might as well begin with a dessert.
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
¾ cup creamy peanut butter
½ stick butter
1   ¼ cups of packed brown sugar
3 TBLS. Milk
1 TBLS vanilla
1 large egg
¾ c. flour
¾  Teasp. baking soda
¾ Teasp. Salt
Turn oven on to 375*
Combine the peanut butter,brown sugar milk and vanilla. Beat on medium speed with hand mixer.Add in egg just until incorporated. Set aside.
Combine the flour,baking soda,and salt. Add this to the creamy mixture.
Drop by rounded teaspoons on cookie sheet ,lightly  sprayed with Pam, 2 inches apart.
Press the back of a fork flat against the cookie in one direction and then again,in the opposite direction,making a criss-cross pattern.
Place a choclate kiss in the center of each cookie
Bake 7-8 minutes
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