Don’t Eat The Pizza!!!!!!!

It’s funny how sounds, smells, tastes, and even sights readily bring back assorted memories to us. For example, after 29 ½ years of becoming nauseated every time I smelled or looked at a piece of pizza, I actually am eating and enjoying it. One evening during my pregnancy with my son, Shane, I ate almost an entire large pizza that was topped with everything imaginable. I ate so much, in fact, that I thought I would burst. Sometime in the hours of the wee morning I got so sick that I thought death was inevitable. I didn’t call 911, but I wanted to. My husband assured me that everything would be alright and that no one he had ever known had passed away from eating too much pizza. I wasn’t so sure! No one possibly could be this sick and survive. After that horrible and sleepless night, I vowed never to even so much as slow my car down in front of a pizza shop, let alone stop! Actually, I had no problem keeping that promise to myself because I absolutely got nauseous every time I even saw a pizza commercial on television. If someone was cooking a pizza I would leave the room. This lasted for 29 ½ years, I kid you not! All of this took a turn a few months ago while I was at the home of friends and they ordered pizza from a local popular pizza shop. When the pizza arrived, the sight of it was quite endurable and the smell was enticing, so they coaxed me into eating a small bite somewhat how you would entice a small child to eat her peas. To my surprise, it was quite delicious. So much so that I ordered another slice a few weeks later at an event I was attending. The smell of pizza no longer equals sickness to me. Papa John can now forget about selling his business.
When I see bright shiny floors, I associate them with my Mom’s mother. Grandma always
had “ floors you could eat off of”, and I was impressed with them even as a child. Isn’t it something that certain things catch our eyes and we remember? My other Grandmother lived on a farm and could fry the best pan fried chicken in the land. When you visited, the wonderful aroma would tantalize your taste buds from the moment you opened the front door. When I shut my eyes I can still visualize her and my dad standing at the kitchen sink cutting up chickens to fry and to freeze. It’s an art that I never quite conquered. What they could do in minutes, I never got the knack of, so as an adult, I buy my chicken in pieces. Then there are Mom’s baked beans in the oven that we couldn’t wait to devour on Sundays after church and Aunt Barbara’s pies that attracted us to the dessert table at the holidays.
The sounds of rolling thunder and crackling lightning assures me of a good night’s sleep, while it readily promises my sister a restless night.
Can you really smell the earthy fragrance of a fresh evergreen without hearing sleigh bells, or see a red cartoon heart without thinking of love? Ah yes, love. I remember that! The distinctive scent of an aftershave called Old Spice most certainly will jostle the memory of most ladies over the age of 50, but an old boyfriend once told me that the fresh, clean smell of soap smelled better on a woman than any old perfume.
The sight of crisp white sheets blowing in the wind on a summer day reminds me of the simplicity of country ways, and the giggle of a child takes me back to a rocking chair and singing sweet melodies to my own sleepy babies.
As you read this, wherever you are today, take a moment to reflect on those wonderful sounds, sights and smells that have enriched your life. Cherish them, for they are precious gifts that delight our memories and embrace our souls.
 I would like to share with you a simple, yet effective, potpourri  recipe that a friend gave to me over the holidays. Simmer it on the stove or in a crock-pot and fill your home with a wonderful fragrance that will pull you away from the rat race and cuddle you with serenity.
Simmering Potpourri
5 cinnamon sticks
1 small can of whole cloves
2 oranges sliced, rind on and dry on cookie sheet for a few hours
1 small can of allspice
Add above ingredients to a small crock pot or small pan and 2 cups of water. Simmer
Can be used  more than once
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One Response to Don’t Eat The Pizza!!!!!!!

  1. Marte says:

    Great Column! And I love the “spaces” after the “you-know-what” 🙂

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